Our Partnership with Hartville Hardware – a dream come true!

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Do you have a business in your life that you LOVE to support? That you always think of first when you need something? A business that always goes above and beyond? A business that makes you feel like family considers you a friend?

Over the last ten years, Hartville Hardware (and the other Hartville business such as the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market and Hartville Kitchen) have been our favorite businesses to support. When Judd and I bought our first home in the Historic Ridgewood neighborhood in Canton, we’d take weekend trips to the old Hartville Hardware building to get supplies and design ideas for our new fixer upper. Sure, we could have made the shorter trip to the big box hardware stores, but WHY? We always sought out Hartville Hardware because we received the help, instruction, and advice we needed from their staff. At Hartville Hardware, you couldn’t walk 2 minutes without someone asking you if you needed help finding something. The employees were knowledgeable, happy to help, and treated you like a best friend who came to them with a problem to solve.

When we bought our farm in 2015, we were over the moon excited that our favorite locally run businesses were right down the street from us! Our kids affectionately called Hartville Hardware the “John Deere Grocery Store.” A trip to the hardware store was the ultimate treat and bribe for our son and sometimes, it was a much-needed trip out of the house for our very young family. Supporting Hartville Hardware always felt SO good to us.

Over the last couple of years, we have taken basic sketches of project ideas for the farm and with the help of the Hartville Hardware employees, these mere ideas have come to life! Judd would head in with a few pictures on his phone and an employee would take the time to troubleshoot the idea and come up with the solution. Is there anything more valuable that someone who is vested and interested in your project?

Judd with his new gridder he designed with the help of an awesome Hartville Hardware employee!

When the opportunity for this partnership with Hartville Hardware came up, we were so excited at the possibilities! Our first opportunity to work together was the promotional video for our farm and the partnership. Have you seen it? Check it out below!

The Hartville Hardware staff (Looking at you Titus!) did an amazing job producing the video and it will be something we cherish forever! At the core, we are two business that value our customer’s experience, family and faith. We are proud and honored to be a part of the Hartville Hardware family!

We are so excited to announce that we will be at the Hartville Hardware Home and Garden Expo this Saturday, April 6th from 9AM-4PM. We love encouraging and teaching others to grow and enjoy their own cut flowers! Stop by our booth at the Expo and find:

  1. Seed starting demonstration for our favorite and easiest cut flower varieties
  2. A sunflower planting station for the kiddos!
  3. Dahlia tubers! We will be selling Dahlia Tuber grab bags for $15. You’ll get to select 5 tubers from our favorite dahlias to grow on our farm. Judd will be demonstrating how to plant and answering all your burning dahlia growing questions!
  4. Bloom Bucks sale! In order to share the beauty and joy the Bloom Hill Flower Stand brings to all our customers, we are running an awesome sale on Bloom Bucks the day of the Expo! If you buy 3, you get one free! A $40 value for $30. Bloom Bucks make a great gifts and are the perfect companion to a thank you, get well, or birthday card. Don’t forget them for teacher end-of-the year gifts!
  5. GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away one Fall CSA Share to people who stop and enter!


Stop by, ask questions, and pick our brains about growing your dream cutting garden! Our favorite part of our business is interacting with YOU and sharing the joy that flowers bring to our lives. We look forward to working together with Hartville Hardware to bring you more exciting opportunities just like this one! See you Saturday!

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