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All About,

A North Canton, Ohio native, Shannon went to the local high school and graduated from the University of Mount Union.

A lover of all things beautiful, she thrives on flipping through the seed catalogs every winter, dreaming of the new flower varieties she can bring to the farm.

You can find her smiling at all the local markets, chatting about flower varieties and helping you decide on the perfect bunch.

A dedicated mother and wife, her happy place is making chocolate chip pancakes for the littles and Judd on Saturday morning.

Her favorite things:

All About,

Also North Canton, Ohio native, Judd attended the local high school and played college baseball. After assisting with Hurricane Katrina clean up in New Orleans, he moved back home to start his own landscaping business with his father. Shannon soon came along, and the rest was history. Now, he’s a wonderful father, husband, son and farmer.

You can find him at the local markets, chatting away about flower production and giving away tips on how to grow sunflower and dahlias.

Judd’s happy place is at home with his kiddos, fixing up old equipment and cannon-balling into the pool.

His favorite things include:

It started at the

Flea market

After briefly knowing each other in high school, Judd spotted Shannon at the Hartville flea market. About a year and a half from that day, we were married. When you know, YOU KNOW. Am I right?

We’ve always had big dreams of owning a farm with a garden, chickens, and a small piece of land that we can call our own.

We would drive through our favorite streets in Hartville and look at all the small farms and properties with dreams to one day being able to own one. Our favorite road: Hoover Avenue. “Gosh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could ever live on Hoover?”

We soon had our first two children, Maxwell and Mae, and were living in our first home – a beautiful, historic home in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Canton, Ohio. A big time fixer upper, we put so much sweat and hard work into that house. We loved living there, but we still always felt pulled to our old farm dreams. With no specific plans, we decided we would put our house up for sale and try to find our dream property. With two small children in tow, and one now on the way, we packed the house up and prayed we would find something that we could make ours. After many discouraging months looking a houses, a new property came on the market.


We raced there THAT night to see it. We fell in love. We made an offer. It was accepted, and just like that our dreams came true. We moved in, and a week later brought home our third child, Madeline. There were 2 acres on the back of the property that we weren’t sure what to do with. After a lot of research on small scale farming, we visited a few Ohio farms to see if any of their operations would be something we’d be interested in doing.

A visit to a Columbus flower farm changed everything. We fell in love with the idea of starting our own flower farm, and that winter, we dove in head first. Bloom Hill Farm was born and the rest was history.

Even when the cards were stacked against us, we never lost sight of our dream. Now, we get the privilege to raise our children on this beautiful property we call home. We get the honor to be stewards of our land. We get to enrich our lives by meeting people like YOU.
Dream big, friends. It’s worth it.


Judd runs the day to day operations of the farm and is the backbone of our farm and family. His roles include field operations, weed management, and harvest/post flower care.

If you visit the farm, you’ll most likely find Judd harvesting flowers into the back of his favorite tool – his John Deere gator. If you’ve enjoyed our flowers, thank Judd. He makes it all happen!


Shannon manages the design studio and the behind the scenes farm operations. Her roles includes social media and website management, vendor and customer relations, and wedding design work.

If you visit the farm, you can find her wrangling the children, making bouquets and arrangments in the studio and capturing all the beauty on the farm with her camera. If you’ve enjoyed our flowers, also thank Shannon. She designed them with love.

Follow along. The beauty is unreal.