Dividing Dahlias Masterclass



COURSE RELEASE – Wednesday, November 22, 2023 is when course content will be made available to you!

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of dividing your dahlia clumps this spring?

We split over 10,000 clumps this spring and have learned a lot of hard lessons over the last 8 years growing dahlias. Dividing your dahlia clumps each spring is a great way to increase your stock each year. Join us as we teach you how to divide your dahlia clumps and store them over the winter with confidence!

Here is what is included in our Dividing Dahlias Masterclass:

  • In depth video tutorial of how we analyze and clean our dahlia clumps
  • In depth video tutorial of how we identify eyes
  • In depth video tutorial of making strategic cuts to maximize the number of viable tubers from your clump
  • Lesson on storage methods
  • Our favorite resources including favorite dahlia dividing tools and accessories