Custom Growers Buckets – Flowers Only!



Growers buckets are for those who want to add a fun DIY twist to their flowers! Growers buckets come with 55 stems in your chosen color palette. The flowers that are included in the buckets are at the growers choice – we promise that your bucket will be full of different styles, textures, etc.

Want to know what might be included in your bucket? Download our guide to Working with Local Flowers HERE!

Please utilize the notes section to communicate with us the details of what you are looking for – colors, flowers, how you are going to use them, etc.

Please note that we do not guarantee that certain flowers will be in your bucket. We truly do our best to meet all your wants and needs! If you are looking to ensure you are getting certain flower varieties, you can order our flowers by the bunch on our website. The website flowers by the bunch are updated each week for the following week.