Dahlia Orsett Beauty

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Dahlia Orsett Beauty is the more pure white dahlia we have. Shannon says it sparkles! It is a great flower producer! The ball size is approximately 3.5 inches wide.

REFUND POLICY – All refund requests must occur within 5 days of receiving the tuber. Please inspect them immediately when they arrive and store in a cool, dry, non freezing area. By purchasing this tuber, you are agreeing to the refund policy.

Dahlia tubers will ship in April/May when the threat of frost has passed. Once the order is placed, there are no modifications or additions allowed. If you would like to purchase more tubers, you will have to process a separate order and they will ship separately.

We are excited to announce that we are offering early shipping for southern growers or growers who want to propagate from their tubers. Early shipping cost of $15 applies for insulated packaging. Early shipping will happen during Week 8 (3rd week of February). Check the box below your billing address in your cart if you would like us to ship your order early!

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