so, you want to be a
flower farmer?

We are first generation farmers, so everything we learned by trial and error, a lot of research, and other farmers willing to provide guidance! The flower farming community is truly amazing, and we are proud to be a part of it! Check out some of our favorite resources below!

Want some one on one time with us? We offer consultation services for those looking for detailed guidance. If our listed resources are not enough, we offer our time in 1 hour blocks for $50/hour via phone, skype or in person. 



the ASCFG is amazing, ya'll

We are proud members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers! The group allows you to meet farmer mentors across the United States, gives you access to an online Facebook group where you can ask questions and learn from others questions, attend conferences to continue your farming education (a must!) and keep educated on new flower varieties and cut flower research. 

Check them out HERE. You won't be disappointed!

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the flower farmer

Lynn Byscynski's The Flower Farmer is a wonderful book for the beginning cut flower grower. It is loaded with practical information that can get your flower plot up and running in no time. Included is a list of tried and true cut flower varieties, and extensive information on how to grow each. We still find ourselves going back to to this book!

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The book titled Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler is a must have! Lisa is an expert flower farmer and in her book, she will introduce you to 30 of the stars of your spring garden - hardy annuals! These are the types of flowers that thrive under cool conditions. Using her simple how-to's, you have a vibrant spring crop that keeps on blooming!

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growing for market

A membership (either digital or paper) to Growing for Market is a great investment in your farm! There are articles full of relevant farming information, as well as articles specifically wrote for cut flower growers. Growing for Market also provides an online archive of all past articles you can search and reference them at any time!

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our favorite podcasts

We are HUGE podcast fans and listen to them all the time! You can learn so much from these types of free resources!

Some of our favorites are:

The Farmer to Farmer Podcast by Chris Blanchard
The Slow Flowers Podcast by Debra Prinzing
The Team Flower Podcast by Kelly Perry
The Growing Farms Podcast by John Suscovich

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specialty cut flowers

THE reference book for cut flower growers! We open this book often during the season and pretty much every day when we are crop planning and dreaming of next season! 

It contains all the facts on hunders of kinds of flowers: environmental requirements, cultivars, planting advise, best page of harvest, and post harvest handling and vase life. A MUST HAVE!

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johnny's selected

Johnny's Selected Seeds is a seed catalog and online wealth of information! Stop by their website and peruse all the cut flower seeds they have available. The pictures are beautiful, and each variety contains specific germination and growing on instructions. An awesome resource! They also have a Grower's Library that has all kinds of instructional videos, planning spreadsheets and calculators, and flower research!

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There are so many amazing resources for newbie cut flower growers! We were there once, too! We credit our success with continuing education and good old fashioned trial and error! It doesn't come easy. It comes with hard work and loving what you do!