Our Partnership with Hartville Hardware – a dream come true!

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Do you have a business in your life that you LOVE to support? That you always think of first when you need something? A business that always goes above and beyond? A business that makes you feel like family considers you a friend? Over the last ten years, Hartville Hardware (and the other Hartville business […]

Why choose locally grown blooms?

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Now that you know the background of how we got started flower farming, I’d love to explain to you the WHY behind our business. In our first year, our WHY was solely based around our three children. We wanted to have a safe and beautiful place to run and explore nature. We wanted them to […]

Our Story – How we became flower farmers

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Wow! I’ve been dreaming of having a blog that would educate and inspire. And, here we are! January is coming to freezing close and February is right around the corner. Current farm projects includes planning our 2019 calendar, finalizing the seed starting schedule, and getting our new germination chamber up and running – YAY! If […]